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Favourite Pokemon
Well it's the 7th generation of pokemon so I decided to dig up this old template made by Frozen.Echo and renew my favourite pokemon!

P.S* I know Mega Altaria is dragon/fairy I just really like it's design.. Altaria is still my favourite flying type
        Yess I know Luzamine Nihilego isn't an actual pokemon but agan I just really like the design xD.
( Lastly Empoleon is my FAVOURITE POKEMON EVER! )
I would ACTUALLY LOVE to see someone draw the tapus with their corresponding Oricorios from pokemon, inspired by how Diamonds interact with their pearls in Steven Universe!! Someone do it!!
Hi guys, so today I'm going to be posting about some fake pokemon moves that I was able to think of, which we all would want to have because it's either cool,
Or is great in competitive battling!
Here Goes!

Shimmer Pulse - Bug(type), pp- 15, power- 80, accuracy- 95 ~ The user's defense stat is used as the offensive stat.  (Special)

Metamorphosis - Bug(type), pp- 10, power- 0, accuracy- --- ~ On the first turn the user's defense and sp.defense are raised by 1, on the next turn all stats except evasiveness are
                                                                                      raised next turn by 1.  (status)

Coal Set - Fire(type), pp-10, power- 0, accuracy- --- ~ Coals are thrown around the opponent team's feet to cause burn when a Pokemon is switched in. Flying and levitating
                                                                             Pokemon are unaffected.  (status)

Nuclear Bomb- Poison(type), pp-5, power- 150, accuracy- 90 ~ The user must recharge next turn. 

Mystic Charge- Fairy(type), pp-10, power- 120, accuracy- 100 ~ 1/4 recoil damage.

Bubble Bomb- Water(type), pp-10, power- 85, accuracy- 90 ~ 20% chance to cause paralysis.

Blue Moon- Fairy(type), pp-5, power- 0, accuracy- --- ~ Fairy and Dark and Water moves are boosted by x1.5 for 5 turns.

Rock Claw- Rock(type), pp-25, power- 60, accuracy- 100 ~ Has no additional affect

Fossilize- Rock(type), pp-20, power- 0, accuracy- 100 ~ Turns the target's primary type into Rock.

Warp Room - Psychic(type), pp-5, power- 0, accuracy- --- ~ The priority of all moves are reversed for 5 turns. ( Prankster is also affected )

Blight - Dark(type), pp-10, power-0, accuracy- 80 ~ The move either poisons, paralyzes or burns the foe.

Parasitic Bite- Bug(type), pp-5, power-100, accuracy- 85 ~ The user steals 1/2 of the hp damage being done for itself as well as status effects.
                                                                                   The status effects can be spread to other pokemon with repeated uses of the move.

Vortex Drain- Flying(type), pp-10, power 80, accuracy- 90 ~ The move also eliminates weather conditions and "room" moves.

Forest Fire- Fire(type), pp- 5, power 90, accuracy- 90 ~ Eliminates all set ups such as spikes, stealth rock, Coal set etc.

Acid Rain- Poison(type), pp- 5, power- 0, accuracy- --- ~ Does 1/10 damage of maximum hp each turn for 5 turns. Poison types are immune.

Electrocute- Electric(type), pp-5, power- 0, accuracy- 35 ~ 1 Hit KO.

Fruit Punch- Grass(type), pp-10, power- 80, accuracy- 90 ~ Raises and lowers separate stats of the opponent depending on the foe's nature.

Suger Rush- Fairy(type),pp-5, power-0, accuracy- --- ~ Attack, Sp. Attack and Speed are raised by 2, but user falls asleep after 3 turns.

Seed Mine- Grass(type), pp- 20, power 0, accuracy --- ~ Seeds are planted around the opponents feet. The next pokemon to switch in looses 25% of its hp.

These are all I'll drop for now, Tell me what you think!

Ill uupload another Journal with more!
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  • Eating: KFC ( but I still way only 115 lbs )
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